Wednesday Weapons – Good on Starbucks

Starbucks are sticking to their guns, literally.

SEATTLE (AP) — Coffee chain Starbucks Corp. is sticking to its policy of letting customers carry guns where it’s legal and said it does not want to be put in the middle of a larger gun-control debate.

The company’s statement, issued Wednesday, stems from recent campaign by some gun owners, who have walked into Starbucks and other businesses to test state laws that allow gun owners to carry weapons openly in public places. Gun control advocates have protested.

The fight began heating up in January in Northern California and has since spread to other states and other companies, bolstered by the pro-gun group

Some of the events were spontaneous, with just one or two gun owners walking into a store. Others were organized parades of dozens of gun owners walking into restaurants with their firearms proudly at their sides.

I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, but i don’t drink coffee anyway so I’ll try to use them for my hot chocolates in future to support their stance that they have no business interfering with law-abiding customers peacefully enjoying their coffee.

Tell you what though, I’d rather imbibe my coffee in Starbucks where there is almost no chance in getting shot in a hold up. Only someone wanting to suicide by customers would rob a Starbucks now. If you want to take the risk of going to another outlet that bans guns then fill your boots.

Why is it here in New Zealand that we want to liberalise everything except guns? Very strange behaviour. Why do the liberal elite physically shudder when firearms are mentioned? Surely if you are a liberal you should enbrace the liberalisation of everything?

You can’t rely on the Police anymore, just ask Navtej Singh……oh wait!