Wednesday Weapons – Secret U.S. Weapons revealed

From the only in America files comes the latest list of secret weapons the Department of Defense may be developing.

Below are a sampling of some of the more bizarre messages sent to the Pentagon through the “Contact Us” link on the Defense Department Web site.

Bears have scent detection that is far superior to bloodhounds! Trained bears with GPS and day/night cameras around their necks might be able to hunt down the scent of UBL, even in and through any caves and tunnels!!! Overnight, Parachute some bears into areas UBL might be. Attempt to train bears to take off parachutes after landing, or use parachutes that self-destruct after landing.

Mmmmm…that might have merit, and the bears could also be trained to attack infirm cripples with long beards.

I still have people torturing my pelvis and lungs with dispersed sound waves and my eye and stomach, hip, pelvic region with other types of sound waves. When the secret service came out they had a letter all prepared by my mother to force me on disability and not let me live with her and try to leave me penniless and homeless again. They want me to marry the Jewish pilot they’ve been blaming and calling black and live in my mothers home and be tortured and watch us on candid camera. I am going to a disability doctors appointment today. And leaving and going into low-income housing in the Washington DC area in dead air space so my mother will pay off my credit card like she said in her letter. That meets the requirement of the letter and I am not going to stay and be tortured because the pentagon would not fire their employees and the secret service did not get you to make a statement to tell the pentagon to stand down. I will make a statement all across the US as I drive out and the pilots usually only stay a couple weeks when I leave Hermiston so everyone else out here will be taking the heat instead of me and they have already been playing with the cops, sheriffs, judges, etc with magnetic waves and no one can tell the difference. They just use me for confessional and keep saying I am schizophrenic and torturing me to cover for them and make themselves feel better while they screw everyone. Since the Jewish pilot they have been calling black has been threatened if I leave and they have already been playing with him. If you really want him married to me to protect him and break this cycle – you’d better have him land on my doorstep.

I have seen letters like this sent to MPs and Ministers, I know of one SPS that has kept them from years gone by and is planning to release a book as a retirement fund.

Would there be time to construct a Noah’s Ark Biosphere in North America if there is an emerging Global War starting in the Middle East? I don’t know … I only know that I have worked on such a project for many years now. If a Global War emerges and much life and civilization is damaged or destroyed due to the use of massive weapons then there may be a need to construct a survival Ark … of Biblical proportions .. a Dome City .. a New Jerusalem Ark .. to preserve a remnant of earth-kind and make it possible for the earth to be resettled some 200 or 300 years in the future. The problem is it takes a lot of resources to build a modern day Noah’s Ark … and lots of planning and development. Yet it seems reasonable to assume this planning should be done if there is only a ten percent chance of Global War even within the next 20 years let alone the next 20 months.

The Bible lays out the basic specifications for the New Jerusalem Biosphere … not very many people realize how this is fully realized. The concept of a city 1300 miles on a side is ludicrous yet if the 12,000 furlong measure is transformed into an overall measure of length, width and height in combination then this parameter can be consistent with the 4500 by 4500 cubit specification in Ezekiel . Here lies the key .. along with the 12 tower design .. the twelve towers being the twelve foundations. And so if goes … and these specs lay the foundation for a modern day Noah’s Ark.

Is there time to do the detailed design and development work .. and lay out the materials and foundation and build the structure and infrastructure … I don’t know … But if there is going to be a Global War then I believe some sort of Noah’s Ark would have to be build to ride out a period of intense atmospheric damage. Then after the period of “Hibernation” people and materials would emerge to repopulate the Earth.

Whatever he was smoking I want some.

Explain the unexplained? Or should I say confess your sins? The questions regarding 911/Pentagon seem relevant. What shall we expect next on Friday of any week? I heard a dream once that something big would happen on a Friday? I have no idea what this might be, do you? I have also heard that America and Canada will cooperate in sharing it’s military freely in the event of anything that may transpire really soon. I am hearing alarming rumors and stories, what do you have to say? I am only a concerned citizen asking under the umbrella of “freedom of speech”, can you answer with the say freedom I ask?

He had a dream. Whoopy! next thing he will is they are hiding Obama’s birth certificate.

Has anyone at the Department if Defense noticed that the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11, and that when you dial emergency services in the USA you dial 911? If so, is this merely a coincidence

Heh, doesn’t he know George W. Bush planned it that way.