What I want to know is…?

  • Which MP scores chicks by telling them he shaves his head because he has cancer?
  • Which CEO preys on recent widows?
  • Whether his personal care package going to be extended throughout the company?
  • Would Cactus go there? She has expressed an interest.
  • If greenhouse gasses trap the Sun’s warmth, how come it doesn’t bounce the warmth off?
  • Surely it can’t be that greenhouse gasses don’t operate in one direction?
  • Is that too simplistic?
  • Why Al Gore just fucks me off so much?
  • Why they don’t just lock him up?
  • If it’s true that Pork Chop is going to be on The Biggest Loser?
  • Hasn’t she won already?
  • Who is the prominent professional is real cosy with a Judge?