What is that sucking sound?

I think I blogged about the delay in releasing the former Labour ministers expenses from 9 years in Government….oh yes I did.

They will be shitting themselves praying that there is simply too much to look through to grasp the attention of the repeaters much. That would be a sound tactic were it not for bloggers.

And remember the bar is set very, very low now that Phil Heatley resigned over $70.00. The more I think about the more I think that Phil took one fore the team, knowing that Labour’s troughing was going to come out shortly. Yes I like that idea, I like it very much.

The ones I am interested in are;

I’m especially interested in WRP, 64, UONFA’s expenses in Las Vegas.

Remember the bar, just $70.00, and What’s his name has said if caught they have to pay it back. I don’t think that is good enough. No wonder Labour has been silent on troughing. The only sound coming from them now is the sound of chairs being sucked up nervous sphincters that are way past just twitching.