Why can't the Herald on Sunday tell the Truth?

The HoS seems to be having a bad run lately, with many questionable decisions as what to publish and some very shonky repeaterage. The paper seems to have lost it’s way since Shayne Currie departed and Jono Milne, standing in till the replacement arrives is clearly being ignored by his staff.

This week is no exception firstly on the front page they run the most egregious fact free schlock journalism I have seen in a long time. The whole front page makes out that Michael Laws is an ogre and a wife-beater. This is so far from the truth as to actually be libelous. The HoS is obviously in the thrall of some very bitter angry locals who have taken everal different incidents and lump them all together in an attempt to smear Michael Laws. The HoS has dutifully repeated it.

David Farrar has also picked up on this and outlines how the front-page schlock bears no resemblance or relation to the article inside the paper.

Gotcha! has obtained a press release by Michael Laws’ wife Leonie Brookhammer. As is obvious from her statement the Herald on Sunday is so wrong that Michael and Leonie should easily win a libel and/or defamation action against them. The facts of the Police call out aren’t in dispute, once again some feral in-breds, whose parents are probably first cousins, have decided in election year to make the family of Michael Laws experience anonymous intimidation, rock throwing and bully-boy tactics in the mistaken belief that Michael will somehow stop standing up for what he believes in. They are cowards, now they are resorting to innuendo and rumours which the HoS, being the repeaters they are, repeated.

Their schlock journalism and repeating isn’t just limited to the words but also to their images. Both online and until today they have used a representation of Rachel Glucina that is so far from the truth it isn’t funny. I have mocked, repeatedly, numerous repeaters from the HoS for their outrageous mis-representation of the product. Though good knows who would pay for the Chop. Why the HoS feels the need to Shop the Chop is obvious when you meet her at a buffet table hoovering up all the hors d’ouevre.

It would be nice to have some integrity and some journalism at the HoS. Strangely they also seem to think that Ethics is a county in England.

Shopping Porkchop

Shopping Porkchop