Why did I call List MPs scum?

A commenter has taken umbrage at my calling two Labour List MP’s scum.

Cam, since you regard all list MPs as scum, I know you?ll be delighted to call all of the follow ing List MPs scum:
David Carter, Chris Finlayson, Steven Joyce, Georgina te Heuheu, Kate Wilkinson, Tim Groser, Jackie Blue, Tau Henare, Nicky Wagner, Katrina Shanks, Cam Calder, Aaron Gilmore, Melissa Lee, Hekie Parata, Michael Woodhouse, Paul Quinn, and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

This commenter makes a good point. So let me explain why generally all list MPs are scum.

First up any List MP knows this to be true, some like “Gary” Twyford have an almost desperate knowledge that this is how they are thought of, so desperate they shop themselves around as many possible electorates as they can in order to rid themselves of the stench of being a List MP. Very few do not try to become the far more respectable, if you can mendacious, venal , obfuscating politicians they all are “respectable”. the simple fact is that List MPs know themselves that they are, scum.

Some of the answer to this very question, as to why List MPs are scum, lies in my response to “Gary” Twyford on Labour’s own blog. “Gary” said that the proper role of an MP was;

@ George ? A substantive comment that deserves a response. Perhaps it was a little glib to say that an MP?s job is to fight for what the people want. Let me explain. Clearly MPs are not always going to be able to represent the will of the people:

1. It is not always easy to tell what the people?s will is. Public opinion is often divided and sometimes contradictory.
2. MPs are bound by loyalty to the party they represent. As a Labour MP I am bound by caucus loyalty and commitment to the values and policies of the party under whose banner I was elected.
3. There is also considerable pressure on electorate MPs to represent the views of their constituents.
4. Any MP worth their salt also has to balance these factors against their own conscience and beliefs as to what is right.

But even given those pretty major qualifications, any politician and any party that doesn?t go into bat for the interests of ?the people? or any subset they seek to represent is not going to be around for long.

To which I responded;

Phil, please be a little honest.

1. You were never elected, and haven?t been yet, you were appointed from the party list. It is true you were elected by some mechanism within the Labour Party but we both know what I?m talking about.

2. Just because Michael Bassett says something doesn?t mean automatically that what he says is wrong. That seems to be a default position of Labour party members.

3.30-50 people protesting in a city of 1.4 million is statistically irrelevant. In fact like the s59 protests and the ones against the EFB which numbered in their thousands, politicians just really vote how their party instructs them. The things they have a free vote on are usually trivialities and never something as important as freedom of speech/press or something constituional.

4.Your answer 1. above is a typical politicians cop out to a hard question. It would be nice to actually see politicians actually stand for something. There is an old saying that if you stand for everything you will fall for everything.

5.your point 3 above is relevant how? You are list MP, you have no constituents save the will of the party that put you there. If you really have constituents why then do you try desperately to get a constituency nomination?

6.MPs should never balance anything against their conscience and beliefs. To do so is to prostitute those beliefs and conscience. Those things to my mind is what makes people of principle obvious, and why no politician ever is one. Mostly they are disingenuous at best, outright liars at worst.

7.You say that 2/3 feel ignored and 70% don?t want assets sold. If that is the case why could you not even muster even 50 people at your protest? Since where is any of the Super City legislation does it mention privatisation of even a single asset? Nowhere is where?you keep banging on about parks and libraries being sold. Does this fit under disingenuous or does it fit elsewhere in my aforementioned range?

If politicians told the truth more often than not then you may find that people would take what they have to say a whole lot more seriously.

And in my response you can see why most people and the politicians themselves think why List MPs are scum. They are creatures of the party, they are beholden to no-one else and they are un-elected flunkie of the party. The Green party in its entirety represent no-one but themselves and as proof of that witness their rort of accommodation expenses to fill their own pockets thru their super-fund. Scum, party lickspittles every single one of List MPs.

Back to “Gary” though, his response is hilarious and proves the points of what I said loud and clear. He couldn’t give one single straight answer to any of the points I raised, plus he challenged my right to even be on the their blog asking questions of our MPs. Entitlement mentality through and though.

Grant Robertson, though a constituency MP, rushes in to stick up for his List MP scum mate and then demonstrates even more entitlement mentality. I noted that the blog is paid for by the taxpayer. Grant thinks it is paid for out the MPs own pockets. Pockets that are of course filed by the taxpayer in the first place. But who are you going to believe…the facts (labour.org.nz has the parliamentary crest on it, thus the domain is state funded, blog.labour.org.nz is a sub-domain, therefore still under the parliamentary crest, and installing WordPress is free, so to claim it came from their pockets is specious at best, an outright lie at worst) or the mistaken belief that Labour MPs dipped into their own pockets to pay for something. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

The final thing that makes me call List MPs scum is that they desperately want to appear that they represent an area. Two glaring examples of this bullshit are Brendan Lord Burns of Marlborough who insists he is a Christchurch MP, yet also insists he is the MP with special responsibility to Marlborough where his expansive wine estate is and “My Little Pony” Ardern who stood unsuccessfully in Waikato, got trounced by “The Hobbit“. She then set herself up a couple of offices at considerable expense of the taxpayer along with “Mr” Chadwick and “The Shark” Mackey to say they are the girls of the Bay of Plenty. There is one in Rotorua and one in Tauranga. Then all of a sudden she gets out the big rogering stick and gives it to “Gary”, then suddenly professes she is from Auckland and will stand against Nikki “One can” Kaye.

Again List MPs represent no-one but themselves and the party. They are scum.