Why does Labour condescendingly think that because people are brown they vote Labour?

Have a look at the post by Carmel “Repulsion Camel” Sepuloni on Red Alert. She has got to be ever ruder and disrespectful that Tiger Mallard. I know some arse will point out that I am not so good in those stakes, but I am not an MP. There is a way to behave and a way not to. “Repulsion Camel” has stepped waaaaay over the line, leading me to believe that Goff most certainly is not in control of his caucus.

I just came from the Civic Opening for the Pasifika Festival. ?Prior to the concert beginning, there were formalities in the VIP tent. ?Unfortunately the turn out was poor ? probably because the Auckland City Council only made the decision to run this at the end of last week. ?Our Pasifika leaders were there along with members of the City Council and of course that soon to be GONE (thank goodness) Auckland City Mayor was in attendance.

So good-oh, she slags off Auckland City and John Banks in the space of two sentences. I hope she never has to work with him, though John is far too professional to let a scrubber, interloper from Palmerston North phase him.

Pasifika people are very good with the protocol and demonstrate the respect that should be afforded to our Tangata Whenua ? Maori. ?Unfortunately it was the Auckland City Council staff and the Mayor that undertook the formal proceedings that unfolded in the VIP tent. ?None of those that spoke acknowledged Ngati Whatua or the Chairperson of the Ngati Whatua Board (who was there) ? Graham Hawke.

How do you like the underlying racism of the next three sentences. Brown people know about respect and white people are evil.

The only person that John Banks acknowledged was the one National MP in the room ? Nikki Kaye (over and over again?to the discomfort of our Pacific community present). ?The only other thing that I recall John Banks rambling on about was the Mayoral race (as if anyone in that tent will be voting for him!). ?John Banks couldn?t even bring himself to say a simple ?Talofa Lava??I guess any language other than those stemming from European countries would be too much to ask of him.

Well it was no use talking about anyone from Labour, Nikki cleaned out the fat, lazy bitch and boy do Labour hate that. Then we get to the real condescension that has me seething. After having experienced Maori racism and rudeness the day before the last thing I wanted to read was her racist drivel. Why do Labour presume that because people are born they should vote Labour? That means they see Sam Lotu’Iinga as some sort of Uncle Tom. This sort of bullshit needs to be called out. For this reason alone I am glad that Labur MPs blog, because they let their guard down and think they can say what they like and no-one will notice. These are the true opinions of Labour MPs and we now know that? is racist and condescending not only to her own people but to everyone else. Oh they like to preach inclusiveness but we can really see what they think.

They want Brownie voters to stay in their place. Well fuck them, and the dog they walked in with.

They then closed those formal proceedings and then attempted to return to mix and mingling with their glasses of merlot. ?The music had started up but unexpectedly Graham Hawke took to the podium. ?He was as respectful as always but obviously disturbed by what had just unfolded. ?He pointed out very clearly the special relationship between Maori and Pacific and the support that Ngati Whatua have always demonstrated for Pacific and the Pasifika festival. ?He also pointed out very emotively the disappointment he felt from Tangata Whenua having been completely overlooked and ignored during these proceedings ? and rightly so. ?As an onlooker I was almost reduced to tears out of embarrassment for what had unfolded. ?Following the speech from Graham Hawke ? one of our Pacific leaders took to the podium and provided a formal apology for the complete disregard for Ngati Whatua that was demonstrated by the council ? it was a genuine gesture and I?m sure it was accepted by Graham Hawke, but everyone in that room was still left feeling incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Why is that Labour, Maori and Pasifika people always cry over things insignificant? God, the tears rolling down faces of submitters yesterday just proved to me that Maori are only interested in finding grievances, and blaming others. Now from Repulsion Camel‘s racist rant we also know that so do some Pasifika people. I’ll also bet you dollars to donuts that her story is largely fact free, what’s wrong with a few lies to keep the brownies down and grieved over some slight and still voting Labour.

You know what fucks me off the most about the liberal elite socialist troughers of Labour. They truly believe that they have spent the last 9 years in government helping the poor brownies, the poor whiteys and the downtrodden. It is of course utter crap they have done anything of the sort. Were it true all of the bullshit Clark et al shoved in face every-time they opened their gobs then all those poor downtrodden people that the Tories were going to sacrifice to the gods of capitalism wouldn’t still be living in the same shitty suburbs, in the same shitty street, with the same shitty neighbours, with the same shitty house, doing the shitty things they have done for the same shitty 9 years and sending their kids to the same shitty schools, to do the same shitty thing that they did so they can have the same shitty life bestowed on them by the same shitty? politicians that keep them down in the first place. because to raise someone out of the gutter and to have them aspire to success is to lose a voter once they realise that Labour tells lie about how it cares for poor.

Fuck them. God I hate socialists, all they aspire to is mediocrity.