Write your own stuff Pork Chop

Pork Chop just keeps on stealing, not only from the buffet table but also other peoples pictures and stories.

I was sent a link to a thread on a geek forum where my anonymous mailer posts, where someone had found a photo of Toni Marsh from 2002 and posted it in a thread.
When you go to page 2 of the thread and it is apparent that Pork Chop, or one of her ever dwindling circle of friends reads this forum too, as she had stolen the pic and published it in the Herald! – complete with an explanation despite merely stealing it off a forum full of young people just trolling each other (pretty much).
Maybe now that Shayne Currie has left the HoS someone might actually call her out on her plagiarism and stealing. Time for Porkchop to get the chop chop