Yep, Definitely The Mad Mayor is off the wagon

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay is definitely back on the juice. Here is an email he sent at 11:38pm last night to all NSCC staff regarding a visit today over Maurice Williamson and Rodney Hide to view NSCC Electronic Consents system. The system is highly regarded I understand by everyone. Still the Mad Mayer had to use the situation to make cheap nasty political points. The man is a disgrace, he should resign.

From: Mayor Andrew Williams
Sent: Thursday, 25 March 2010 11:38 p.m.
To: Kelly Gunn; Head Office Staff
Subject: RE: Ministers to visit North Shore City Council tomorrow morning

Dear NSCC Staff

And please feel free to give your thoughts to both Ministers…as they come through the building. These two individuals deserve any and all appropriate comments in relation to this rape and pillage of the North Shore by this Auckland takeover. I have only utter contempt for both of them.

I won’t be there as I have the Auckland Mayoral Forum on Friday Morning but I would gladly give them a a piece if my mind if I was. They will be getting off lightly with my being away.


Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams, JP | Mayor of North Shore
Email?? [email protected]
Tel 09-4868687? Fax 09-4868445? Web

The last line is certainly an indication that the Mad Mayor might have imbibed just a bit too much last night. I might have to name him the Lush of Lake Road, or Trolley-ed of Takapuna.

Contrast that with his now obvious lies on Breakfast. I think he will be having a chat soon with Rodney.