Investigate drops bombshell on Labour

All available lines to New York will be taken up tonight by Labour as they seek guidance from Helen Clark after Ian Wishart dropped a bombshell on Labour in the latest issue of Investigate. This is an epic Tory party style sex scandal, except all the players are Labour elite. It’s got the lot, gay sex, drunken parties, drugs, troughing and bribery.

The article is huge and can be summarised as follows:

  • Claims Tim Barnett encouraged a 14 year old to leave school to work in his office. Is this grooming?
  • Claims former Mayor Gary Moore also part of enticement with job offers. Labour pals stick together.
  • Truancy Officer was Labour supporter and aided and abetted truancy. More pals involved.
  • Government money used to fly 14 year old numerous times around country. Troughing.
  • Given free reign around parliament and Beehive as a 14-15 year old. WTF!
  • Had Speaker Jonathan Hunt intervening in favour of 14 year old with security at Parliament. What else was Hunt involved in?
  • Alleges Tim Barnett confides in 14 year old about Helen Clark, Heather Simpson and Judith Tizard being involved in lesbian affairs. First time this has aired in a major publication to my knowledge.
  • Alleges Chris Carter was phoned and intervened on 14 year old’s behalf with CYFS to release 14 year old.
  • Chris Carter denies knowing Hamish Jevan Goulter but Goulter has photos of Carters wedding on his Facebook page. Oh dear!
  • Chris Carter denies Goulter at wedding. Pants on Fire?
  • Chris Carter “remembers” pinging Goulter in parliament and “sending him home” to Christchurch. Very strange explanation
  • Investigate holds emails between Goulter and Chris Carter arranging wedding details Has Carter lied?
  • Barnett alleges that Goulter was trying to trace his birth mother and was emotional. Very strange reply to serious questions. How very intimate of Barnett to know all about the state of mind of a 14 year old.
  • Lianne Dalziel knowing Goulter but Investigate publishes a photo of them together. Oh dear, can Lianne ever tell the truth?
  • Dalziel apologises to Goulter in a Facebook chat for denying she knew him. Liar, Liar, pants on Fire.
  • Tim Barnett and Labour functionary and ADHB board member Dr. Ian Scott conspire to get drunk Goulter off work to continue partying. More grooming behaviour, two drunk older gay men assisting a drunk underage teenager to abscond from work.
  • Tim Barnett provided taxpayer funded taxi-chits to Goulter regularly. Oh they do trough don’t they.
  • Alleges Helen Clark overrode Jacinda Ardern on issue of Goulter drinking at Premier House. Jacinda Ardern so far is the only Labour person who looks like and acts like a person with responsibility.
  • Drank frequently with Michael Cullen, Lianne Dalziel, Ruth Dyson, and Annette King. Old soak eh Lianne? Always on the turps.
  • Goulter alleges he spent considerable time in Jonathan Hunt’s office and flat, alleges he could do what he likes.
  • Goulter alleges that Tim Barnett, his partner Ramon, Chris Carter, Charles Chauvel regularly smoked marijuana with him.
  • Alleges Chris Carter and him were in regular contact and Carter enjoyed being out with “twinkies”.
  • Alleges Michael Cullen also smoked Marijuana at Labour Conference.
  • Carter says “no cigarette has passed his lips in 30 years”. Interesting choice of description. I have never heard of a joint referred to as a “cigarette”.
  • Goulter alleges that Tim Barnett made homosexual advances on him.
  • Goulter alleges Barnett made him sit down on a chair with him, and lunged and tried to kiss him.
  • Goulter was at one time under the “care of the Speaker’s Office”. Whatever that is supposed to mean.
  • Alleges Judith Tizard paid Mika hush money to keep Goulter quiet in election year via Arts grants. I always wondered what Tizard actually did, now we know, she allegedly paid the bribes.

This is a truly spell-binding article. The details are very clear but I don’t doubt that there is a fair bit of embellishment. Basically Jacinda Ardern is the only person coming out of this story looking completely normal, sensible even. That must surely be a worry for the Labour Party if Jacinda Ardern looks sensible.

Tim Barnett is pictured, by Goulter, as a typical poof, preying on/grooming youngsters and trying to cheat on his partner. Basically a mini-me Chris Carter with out the camel jockeys. It is clear that Goulter is (or was) a teenage star-chaser? and no doubt rated his access a lot higher than the reality was.

However you have to ask what possible motive could a member of parliament have for allowing a troubled teen who has basically been exited from school hang around with him to the extent that he did.

Barnett has been caught lying and so has Chris Carter. Especially the wedding angle. And that sad old poof Jonathon Hunt needs to be asked some hard questions too.

This story shows pretty much the entire senior echelon of Labour with the exception of Jacinda Ardern and Phil Goff (ironically described as “a bit of a nobody”) seem to be a bunch of fag-hags, pederasts and perverts who once they get a little bit of power will use it unwisely.

The one who got caught out in the biggest lie however was Lianne Dalziel who facebooked to Goulter how she had lied about knowing him! Actually I would go so far as to call it outrageous that a child is allowed to attach himself to the inner core of the Labour government, with access to parliament to seemingly come and go as he pleases and have what can only be described as an inappropriate relationship with non family adult males.

Barnett’s alleged comments about the bulldog and the Clark/Simpson/Tizard triangle of terror is priceless. Pure gold.

One thing that doesn’t hold true to me about the traditional description of Clark’s Labour governemnt is that it doesn’t appear that Heather Simpson knew anything about it otherwise the kid’s bum would be whacked back to Mincer Mika faster than you could say “oh Helen”. I simply can’t imagine she would be loose enough politically to let an uppity, teenage bi-sexual drama-queen near the circle of influence. I know real bad pun.

The one thing in Goulters favour is he had the good sense to call Tony Milne and Michael Wood names…plus he hates Jacinda, and writes off Young Labour as “a bunch of smelly fat unattractive people”. Two words people, Sonny and Thomas.

A truly bizarre account of the inner working of Labour. Now we watch and see what falls out. There are certainly some large inconsistencies in the stories but also some information that could only have been gleaned by actually being there on the inside.