Catching Weasels

Nicola Vallance was the “face of DoC”. Her role at DoC was the national media adviser. What follows is an incredible 20 days that ended up with Forest and Bird uncovering complex details of National’s plans to investigate mining in DoC controlled lands. You join the dots and see if you end up where I do. Thankfully being a media and social media savvy whiz-kid Nicola left the trail for me to follow.

Feb22 1850: Nicola Vallance resigns from her beloved DoC job as national media advisor. (Original Tweet deleted)

Nicola Vallance resigns 22 February 2010

Feb23 1550: Re-tweets resignation

Nicola Vallance tweets resignation again

Nicola Vallance tweets resignation again

Feb24 1932: Tells John Campbell she has resigned from DoC

Mar5 0940: Signs contract with Forest and Bird

Mar9 09:19: Slags off Government and links to Greenpeace press release while on the public service payroll

Nicola Vallance slags off Government while on DoC Payroll

Nicola Vallance slags off Government while on DoC Payroll

Mar12: Nicola Vallance finishes up at DoC.

Nicola Vallance last day at DoC

Nicola Vallance last day at DoC

Mar13: Just a day after leaving DoC ODT is running a story about her.

Mar15: Forest and Bird “uncovers” Government mining plans. Their website actually released the details on Mar 14, just two days after Nicola Vallance left DoC.

Forest and Bird reveals Government mining plans | Forest and Bird

Of course they know, the former national media advisor of DoC now works for them.

Mar16 2022: Having a skite about ODT article about her leaving DoC. Boy they covered that real quick, she only left on the Friday and an article is all ready to go on Tuesday.

She had the weekend off and voila on her first day at Forest and Bird they miraculously “uncover” the governments mining plans. Well I wonder how they did that?

This is perhaps a case of joining dots, or circumstances matching rather too nicely but one can’t help but draw the conclusion that either the dots all line up or it is a total coincidence that the chain of events exactly match her leaving DoC. I am sure? she was a civil servant of the highest integrity though.

Fortunately too we know exactly how to handle the situation of a former civil servant working for any organisation in receipt of public monies. Pete Hodgson provided just such a template in March, 2000 when dealing with Kit Richards.

Forest and Bird is nothing short of a political lobby group and as such should not receive even one cent of government funding. (In 2009 they received more than $750,000 in Government Grants, according to their annual return registered at the Charities Commission)