Wednesday Weapons – G.6.

Last week I looked at mobile artillery systems but as one correspondent pointed out I had missed out the best.

The G6 self-propelled howitzer is a South African artillery piece, developed around the ordnance of the G5 howitzer. It is one of the most powerful self-propelled guns on a wheeled chassis.

In addition to the logistical mobility afforded by a wheeled chassis, the G6 is protected against counter battery fire and is able to defend itself in an unsecured area.

The chassis is mine-protected. The G6 is produced in South Africa by the Land Systems division of Denel.

The G6 also has impressive distance capabilities.

  • Maximum range:
    • 30,000 m with standard HE rounds,
    • 39,000 m with HE base bleed rounds, and
    • 42,000 m with HE base bleed rounds (BB?fired from G6-52)
    • 50,000 m with HE base bleed rounds (BB?fired from G6-52 Extended Range)
    • 52,500 m with a special velocity-enhanced Long Range Projectile (V-LAP?fired from G6).
    • 58,000 m with a special velocity-enhanced Long Range Projectile (V-LAP?fired from G6-52).
    • 67,450 m M9703A1 V-LAP round (tested successfully to 73,000 m by Denel in G6-52 Extended Range platform)
  • Minimum range: 3,000 m.
  • Rate of fire: 4 round/min, 2 round/min sustained.
  • Ammunition: 155?mm ERFB. 47 rounds, 50 charges, 64 primers and fuzes.
  • Accuracy: 0.1?% of range in azimuth, 0.48?% of range in range.

For those unaware there simply isn’t a gun available anywhere else that can deliver a 155mm round as accurately on target, as fast or as far as the G6.

The g6-52 has also implemented Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) technology and can land six (G6-52L variant) or five (G6-52) rounds simultaneously at targets up to 25?km away.