Interesting Names – Looters

A hanging judge is what is needed in Christchurch, looks like they might have found one in Judge Michael Crosbie.

Anyone caught looting in the wake of Christchurch’s devastating earthquake on Saturday would be harshly treated by the courts, a judge warned today.

“The court will be taking a close look at people who offended during this disaster,” Judge Michael Crosbie said.

They would be presented to the courts as being people who were capable of anything.

He made his comment in Christchurch District Court while dealing with series of remands of people alleged to have taken advantage of the disaster.

Justice Crosbie slapped remands in custody or strict curfews on those charged in cases where police alleged the offending was earthquake related.

In line with my policy on open justice residents of Christchurch take note that these people are not your friends:

  • Jack Duckmanton (20) – unemployed
  • Shannon William Johnson (19) – mechanic
  • Daniel Ezekiel Peneha (28) – unemployed
  • Deon Mathew Rich (17) – unemployed
  • Kimiona Ngatamariki (21) – chef

Name an shame people, name and shame. There is no name suppression for looters, how about we apply that to pedophiles too?

Looters will be shot