Steve Gray take note

Steve Gray thinks I’m homophobic and depressed. Nice Steve, attacking someones mental health and at the same time getting offended becuase you think I’m a poof-basher. He doesn’t like me, I get that (and I don’t care) and has taken it upon himself to bad mouth me where-ever he can. The dear petal is probably still upset that more people read my blog than watched his canceled TV show.

Anyway, for the record, again, I am not homophobic. I’ve stated on numerous?occasions?that I am not afraid of anyone, let alone poofs.

I also restate my support for Gay Marriage.

As a principled local government candidate I don?t have a position on gay marriage because local gov?ernment doesn?t get involved in central government business or social issues.

But if pushed any one silly enough to want a mother in law deserves one.

Plus if Steve Gray and Anika Moa want to have a hate session on me best not to have it in public on Facebook.

Steve Gray and Anika Moa talk out loud

Steve Gray and Anika Moa talk out loud