FIGJAM dreaming if he thinks he can control us

The United States military can’t keep its secrets from the Internet but that isn’t going to stop FIGJAM Simon Power from attempting to regulate it and bloggers and other new media. The man is clearly a blithering idiot who should have stuck to conveyancing in the Manawatu.

Justice Minister Simon Power has asked the Law Commission to review the adequacy of regulations around how the internet interacts with the justice system.

?I?ve ordered this review because it?s imperative the law keeps pace with technology and that we have one set of rules for all news media,? Mr Power said.

“At the moment we’ve got two tracks ? conventional media and the so-called ‘new media’ ? intersecting with the justice system, and it’s not sustainable.

The “new media” category includes the likes of bloggers, and professional journalists and regular citizens who use the likes of Twitter to report events in real-time.

?It?s a bit of a Wild West out there in cyberspace at the moment, because bloggers and online publishers are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards,” Mr Power said.

Instead of embracing freedom, FIGJAM has decided to go all 1984 on us. He will succeed in regulating me and my fellow bloggers like Andrew Williams succeeded in winning re-election. I’ve been looking for a new target and I think I just found one.

“Issues I?m concerned about include how trials can be prejudiced by information posted on websites and seen by jurors, real-time online streaming of court cases, breaches of court suppression orders, and re-publication of a libel.

?Because of the enormous scope of this whole issue, the terms of reference for the review have been tightly defined.?

It will focus on whether either of the two existing industry watchdogs ? the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Press Council – could provide a suitable vehicle for regulating unregulated forms of new media.

Actually FIGJAM should consider focusing on issues like stopping pedophiles from hiding behind name suppression instead of trying to hammer freedom seekers bringing open-ness to our court system. I’ll submit to the Press Council and Broadcasting Standards Authority over my dead body. I bet FIGJAM can’t show me a single case where a trial has been prejudiced by open-ness. It is a?specious?argument propposed by a specious politician. Is he really saying that open reporting can lead to prejudicing of a trial? ?Judges specifically tell jurors before any trial that they are not to look at the media during the course of the trial, is Simon Power saying he doesn’t trust jurors and so the internet must be controlled? Is Simon Power saying that the entire legal system of most of the free world is compromised because people can find out information about the trial on websites. The more you examine his paper-thin pretense of looking at the law the more you can see the vested interests of the legal fraternity using Simon Power as their sock-puppet.

He is a sad deluded little failure of a man trying desperately to shed his nickname (which is now included in NZ case law) of FIGJAM. He has now bought a war with everyone in new media.

Instead of de-regulating existing media he?has?decided to go down the?fascist?path of?attempting?to regulate new media. Well be it on his head the results of the fury of new media.

One cool thing though is that there is now something known as “The Whaleoil Effect”. It is yet to be fully defined but it could end up something like the unintended?consequences?for a politician of going head to head with Whaleoil. Right now that is electoral oblivion. Let’s see if I can take out another politician.