I lost the battle but won the war

Simon “FIGJAM:” Power has announced changes to Name Suppression laws today. About time, he has been sitting on them for like for ever. My sources tell me it was because he didn’t want to be seen to be reacting to a blogger.

Even Judge Harvey told me off for campaigning for changes by breaking the law, and pinko handwringers said that there were more appropriate ways to achieve what I have actually done.

Make no mistake I have forced changes upon a government through protest.

It will be harder to get name suppression in court under changes announced by the Government today.

Justice Minister Simon Power said proposals included automatic name suppression for child victims and substantial penalties for breaches.

Suppression would be allowed when;

* it was needed to ensure a fair trial;
* it would prevent hardship for victims;
* publication of an accused’s name would identify a victim whose name was suppressed;
* when it would put someone in danger;
* when naming would create extreme hardship and;
* when publication would impair ongoing investigations.

No problem with one or two. the fourth option is a weasel clause that would allow pedo’s to hide behind the fact they might get a hiding, same with clause 5.

They are?futilely?trying to shut the door behind the bolted horse with attempting to censor the internet and it is downright ridiculous to expect ISPs to monitor everything. This was tossed out when looking at copyright infringment and it should be tossed out when looking at name suppression.

“Being famous is not a good enough reason to be granted name suppression.

“To ensure public confidence in the justice system is maintained there must be one set of rules for everyone.

Good. But I bet the Judges will just carry on willy-nilly unless the qualifications for name suppression are very tight indeed.

I said to the people of Albany that if they want changes made then they should vote for someone with a big hammer to smash down the barriers. Here is my proof.

I still have to pay my fines and my lawyers bills,so any help would be appreciated.

My bank account for legal fees is Kiwibank Howick 38-9010-0764240-01