My First Te Reo – Kot?nga

Challeged by Tau Henare to do my bit for saving what Maori can’t be bothered saving for themselves, and given that the NZEI union now wants Te Reo as a compulsory subject in schols I thought I would start a new series here on Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

Today’s Te Reo word is Kot?nga (n)

Kot?nga = car aerial

Examples of modern usage:

Some mo-fo broke off the aerial so I replaced with a?Kot?nga, it works choice bro. Chur.

The Kot?nga is wobbly bro, stick some more duct tape ?around it. chur bro.

The car stereo won’t go bro, no aerial….Stick a Kot?nga in there you fuckin’ egg, that’ll fix it bro.

See! A Kot?nga works thereifixedit, chur bro.

Kot?nga?- Te Reo (Maori) for Car Aerial