Politician of the Week III – Trevor Mallard

Wow, busy week in politics this week. Trevor Mallard gets the award today for muscling up on silly made up maori protocol.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard says people should boycott Te Papa’s behind-the-scenes tour of sacred taonga.

The Hutt South MP says the notion that pregnant and menstruating women would be in danger from the taonga by making the backroom tour is idiotic.

“The idea that women are in danger from weapons in a one-off behind-the-scenes tour but not in a general exhibition says it all,” Mr Mallard said.

He also said the Te Papa staff member who agreed to the advisory condition was an idiot and Arts Minister Chris Finlayson needed to intervene and sort out the issue immediately. “Anyone who condones such an approach by going on one of the tours lacks principle.”

Hundreds of pregnant and menstruating women walked past sacred taonga at Te Papa in public exhibitions every week. He was aware of Maori women being permanently entrusted with caring for taonga at marae throughout New Zealand.

“Those women don’t stop looking after the taonga just because they are having their periods.”

He is right that Chris Finlayson needs to stop being all limp-wristed about giving Te Papa the bash over this. Well done Trevor for muscling up to this mumbo-jumbo bullshit.

He should expect a backlash from the bro-rocracy though.