Curious developments

So according to the T-Bomb, Darren Hughes hasn’t formally resigned:

She had checked with Parliament’s officials and was told Mr Hughes had not yet formally resigned so the process to replace him had not yet begun.

She denied she was making things more difficult for Labour.

“There is a simple constitutional process which has not yet been engaged. I’m not playing games about this. Many people are arguing it is a constitutional position and having made a commitment three years ago, I’m obliged to take it. I’ve always been somewhat of a Brownie and I tend to do what I say I’ll do.”

What’s the bet that Phil Goff and his inept advisers are thinking that they can get a police vindication before Lockwood Smith arrives back at Parliament and then try and keep Darren Hughes on.

There might be a problem with that though because today is the last day for Clark’s patsy commissioner and his deputy after they got the arse from Crusher.