Don't mess with retired cops or Casey

Retired cops who just want to eat their Maccas in peace.

A retired Burbank police officer shot and killed an armed robber Friday at a McDonald’s in Sunland, Los Angeles police said.

The shooting occurred around 10:47 a.m. when an armed man walked into the restaurant on Foothill Boulevard and attempted to rob the clerks at gunpoint, said Officer Greg Baek of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The retired Burbank officer then fatally shot the robber, Baek said.

Los Angeles police detectives were investigating.

or fat kids who have had enough of the bullying.

The original story and video has gone viral. As is usual the hand-wringing panty-waists think the response of the victim is appalling. I am not one of those. Casey – the fat kid took two shots to the face and a couple to the guts before he reacted, and when he did he stopped the bullying and walked away.

The hand-wringers are pathetic:

THE virus-like spread of a video showing a bullying attack and retaliation in a western Sydney middle school may be glorifying and even encouraging violence in the schoolyard, a leading bullying expert has warned.

The video, watched by thousands of people on Facebook and YouTube, shows a slightly built 12-year-old student antagonising a larger 16-year-old, punching him in the face as a friend records it on his mobile phone and at least four other students watch.

Suddenly the 16-year-old grabs the other boy and throws him head-first on to the concrete. There is a cracking sound as the 12-year-old’s ankle connects with a timber bench.

Oh FFS, imagine the outrage if kids started standing up for themselves and bullies got a hiding once in a while. Oh the calamity oh the outrage. Of course we could always imagine the worst couldn’t we? Let’s?draw?illogical conclusions from imagined extrapolated events.

The mob has spoken on the latest bullying outrage, and I’m finding it hard to disagree with them. Piers! Janet! Miranda! Alan! Is there room up on that right wing bandwagon for one more?

Like half the country, I watched the video yesterday of some poor doofus at a Sydney school getting taunted and bullied until he snapped and body slammed his tormentor, and like most everyone else I had a lot of trouble digging any sympathy biscuits out of the bottom of the barrel for the kid who got his come uppance. Or slam downance. Or whatever.

It’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. I know it sends completely the wrong message about bullying and how to handle it, but like everyone who’s been streaming online to high five ‘Casey’ the body slammer, and to then smash the school and the Education Department and the crumbling edifice of western society for punishing Casey after he stood up for himself, I can’t help but feel a rush of admiration for the kid.

Yep good on him for smashing the bully. Bet he won’t?pick?on fat kids again anytime soon. If John birmingham who wrote the piece above had stopped there then it would ahve been a great article, but he doesn’t he then goes on to invent all sorts of homo theories as to why poor casey should have just sucked it up some more.

Well fuck that. Bullies should be laid out flat, hard. What the panty-waists seem to forget is that Casey sucked it up and sucked it up and then he ended it. If Skinny white bully had not tormented and punched Casey int he first place then his body-slam would have been un-necessary.

Getting smacked over is the consequence of skinny white bully’s actions. Tough luck. Learn the lesson.