Don't you just love repeaters

Apparently the Herald on Sunday has learned of previous claims about Darren Hughes.

Former Labour MP Darren Hughes has been the subject of allegations about another late-night incident after a boozy evening out.

The?Herald on Sunday has learned of claims about Hughes and a worker from a party leader’s office who were in a group drinking at a 2009 Christmas party.

The staffer is understood to have been asked by Hughes to carry on drinking, and was then the subject of a sexual approach. The young man objected and left.

Well probably because David Fisher bothered to read Whaleoil and use Google.

On December 24 2009 I blogged about the “Private Dancer” episode.

Par?lia?ment has wound up and the annual free drinks, well free to peo?ple the likes of Dar?ren, are to be had at the Press Gallery Piss Up. This is leg?endary this piss up and rules are the usual, what goes on tour, stays on tour. Except the ?tour? was wind?ing up when our young day-walker Dar?ren spied a likely can?di?date for a night of passion.

He sug?gested to the young impres?sion?able staffer that they join him in his room for drinks, the oth?ers will be along shortly. The young impres?sion?able staffer thinks this great, free drinks paid for by an?MP, fan?tas?tic, and tags along with Darren.

They arrive at the room and enter, the young impres?sion?able staffer has a drink, Dar?ren has a drink, no-one else has turned up. More drinks are had and more time has elapsed, the impres?sion?able young staffer is start?ing to think this is a bit strange, still no one else has arrived. A few more drink and then surprise!

Our young day-walker decides that the time is right and plops him?self down in the lap of the impres?sion?able young staffer, who is now sit?ting bolt upright with?alarm.

You see the impres?sion?able young staffer thought he was there just for drinks, lit?tle did they know that the day-walker Dar?ren had other thoughts. The impres?sion?able young staffer makes hur?ried excuses and bolts out the door shaken by the encounter.

On 31 December 2009 in my annual awards I awarded Darren Hughes:

The Fred Astaire Award: for ser?vices to danc?ing ? awarded to Dar?ren ?Pri?vate Dancer? Hughes.

In my Politicianary of Politician nicknames DarrenHughes has been called “Private Dancer” since then.

So when David Fisher says in?the?Herald on Sunday he has learned of previous claims, what he means is that he read it on Whaleoil over a year ago. What he could have said in the article is that the staffer concerned now works for a Labour MP and may well be on leave in order to shut him up.

One thing this does show however is that the modus operandi hasn’t changed.