Goff doesn't trust his caucus

I was watching?Breakfast this morning and after getting?the?transcript it confirmed something that I picked up. ?Clearly all is not well in the Labour camp, because this morning he basically said he did not trust his Caucus.? This augurs well for their chances of forming a cohesive?Government.

CORIN DANN:?????Andrew Little, is your – have you got a good relationship with Andrew Little, your president?

PHIL GOFF:?Yeah, I have got a good relationship with Andrew, yeah.

CORIN DANN:?????You said that – you – I’m curious. You said that it was a caucus matter this, and that’s why you didn’t tell him about the incident. But I recall being in parliament that presidents usually went to caucus meetings. I mean, why?

PHIL GOFF:?That’s right.

CORIN DANN:?????? wasn’t he mention? mentioned.

PHIL GOFF:?Because I didn’t mention this to caucus and I didn’t mention it to him. And that was in line with my belief that the police needed to get on and do the job that’s their responsibility without interference?

CORIN DANN:?????How could it be a caucus matter and then you didn’t even tell caucus?

PHIL GOFF:?Well because, the fact of the matter is, if this had been spread out amongst a wider group of people, then it would have defeated what I believed was right and proper in the situation

Once again Phil Goff multiple positions on anything is exposed and this time in the short space of a couple of sharp questions by Corin Dann. Meanwhile in Dunedin, Labour has a?meeting?that has all the?hallmarks?of Silence of the Lambs.?Dunedin Rising. Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?

Phil Goff on his leadership