Good move on Housing

Phil Heatley has?announced?a shift in policy for Housing New Zealand – “right people, right house, right location – for the duration of need”. It is an idea that is much needed. State housing was originally set up to provide for need rather than want. It certainly is fairer for those in?desperate?need for housing who are sitting on a waiting list for Housing New Zealand to review those currently in state housing and assess whether or not they still need the state house or if their circumstances have changed.

This policy change will also ensure that we use the housing stock efficiently so that more people can be housed who are in need. It certainly doesn’t make sense a single woman to live in a four bedroom home. Or to have a two bedroom home over crowded while the single woman remains int eh 4 bedroom house. Circumstances can and do change and it makes sense to review them for all involved.

State housing isn’t a right it is a privilege and one for those in need. The time of people remaining in a state house for their natural life and somehow claiming it is “their” home is outrageous, outmoded, and overdue for replacement. Good on Phil Heatley for changing this policy. It nicely?ticks National’s core principle boxes too…especially personal responsibility and moving people toward?independence. It also dovetails neatly into the “Buy your own State house” policy?announced?last year. Labour opposed that and they will never support this policy either, they want state?dependence?forever.

Watch the pinkos scream now. I just bet they are?planning?a replay of their outrageous campaign in?the?2005 election with fake eviction letters.