Hey John, call these guys

New Zealand faces a crossroads, and the Christchurch earthquake has brought us rushing at 100 miles per?hour?at that crossroads. We face some very tough decisions right now.

Cactus Kate looks closely at some of those decisions in her?lambasting?of the “caring” left and their claims for jacking up tax to pay for Christchurch.

John Key has the opportunity, because he actually has to, of leading a massive restructure of the entire New Zealand economy to cope with this crisis.

It is not only Christchurch that has the chance to rebuild, stronger and better than before, the whole New Zealand economy can as well. But not before some very tough decisions are made and swallowed by the electorate.

And he can start by deciding post February 22nd, who actually needs welfare in New Zealand.

Make no mistake the decisions that need to be made will entail sacrifice by ALL New Zealanders. If John Key needs any help then might I suggest he give three sensible men in the US a call.

In private, three of the Republican governors at the center of a growing national debate over public sector workers commiserate in telephone calls and e-mail messages. In public, the three ? now members, it seems, of a newly established fraternity ? sound like one another?s biggest boosters.

Gov.?Scott Walker of Wisconsin,?whose proposal to cut collective bargaining rights for government workers has drawn thousands of protesters outside the state Capitol in Madison, has described Gov.?Mitch Daniels of Indiana as a ?great inspiration? and Gov.?Chris Christie of New Jersey as a confidant.

Mr. Christie, whose is famous for his?clashes with the New Jersey teachers? unions, has praised Mr. Daniels as ?a great help to me.? And the Indiana governor,?who ended collective bargaining for state workers six years ago, has defended Mr. Walker?s choices. ?He is simply keeping a commitment that he made very openly in running for office,? Mr. Daniels said in an interview over the weekend.

Scott Walker might have over-extended himself in trying it on against teh might of the unions, but he may yet prevail. Chris Christie is awesome to watch but is perhaps too confrontational for New Zealand. If I was picking one to come here and help out with the tough decisions then probably Mitch Daniels is best?placed.

While Chris Christie smashed up the teachers unions it is Mitch Daniels who has made some interesting proposals.

But perhaps the most controversial measure that Indiana Republicans have proposed ? ?right-to-work? legislation that would prohibit any requirement that employees in private sector workplaces pay union dues or fees ? was not one that Mr. Daniels initiated. In fact, to the dismay of some of those who are opposed to unions, Mr. Daniels has said he is worried that the idea ?might get in the way? of the rest of his agenda.

?I thought it ought to really wait for a different time,? Mr. Daniels said on ?Fox News Sunday.?

Very pragmatic, though he desperately wants to smack the unions, he is prepared to wait to get other more important things through then savour the belting at his leisure.

John Key should give these guys a call. At?the?very least they can give him some steel with which to deal with the current crisi facing New Zealand.