Hughes goes and Goff changes his story, coup definitely on

Darren Hughes has finally fallen on his sword, again making Phil Goff look like a dick. Just this morning Phil Goff was saying that he wouldn’t accept Darren Hughes resignation and then hours later called a press conference to?announce?that he had in fact accepted Darren Hughes’ resignation from parliament.

Shortly after flip-flopping yet again on this issue he was on Larry Williams drive show spinning yet another position regarding how much he knew when.

Goff is backtracking on his previous statements by whaleoil

When the Darren Hughes scandal broke Phil Goff told the media repeatedly that he knew for two weeks and had done nothing. The problem was that the incident happened 3 weeks ago which left a missing week. Phil Goff now says that he was told “shortly thereafter”. That makes a huge difference and conveniently fills in the missing week. However it simply raises more questions especially as he qualified that he wasn’t aware of the exact date. This is hardly believable when we all know that it was March 1/2.

Does this mean Goff lied to the media about the two weeks?

Whether Phil Goff lied or not is largely immaterial because basically he, Annette King and Darren ?Hughes have been completely compromised by the changing stories, the lies to the press gallery, the assertions that nothing bad had happened and that all ended this afternoon when it was revealed that the alleged victim was found by Police running naked through Hataitai.

None of Goff’s positions since the story crashed onto the news have been remotely truthful, in fact the polar opposite. Whereas all the alleged rumours have in fact come to pass as fact.

Selwyn Manning at Scoop has also now revealed that Darren Hughes offered to resign weeks ago, clearly knowing that his position was untenable. That means that both Goff and King have tried to hush this all up hoping beyond hope that it would all go away.

Scoop also confims that a coup is underway, matching what is coming from my sources inside Labour.

Labour insiders have told Scoop that Hughes offered Goff his resignation weeks ago, after confiding in his leader that he was under Police investigation. The fact that Goff didn’t accept it then has caused stress amongst Labour caucus members.

Scoop has also learnt that indeed a cabal representing a group within caucus is counting numbers against Goff.

Maryan Street and Ruth Dyson are representing a cabal that is seeking support for David Parker to replace Goff. And rumours that Helen Clark and her strong-arm strategist Heather Simpson have been consulted appear to have some substance.

Today, Scoop understands Parker has the numbers to roll Goff. He does have the support of the majority of the Labour caucus. But Scoop also understands the cabal will not make its move to roll the leader until Goff absorbs full responsibility for his handling of the Hughes affair.

I reported this yesterday and was roundly criticised for it, now it appears that Selwyn Manning has confirmed my story from?separate?sources.

Now the distraction of Darren Hughes is gone the party can focus on the appalling performance of Goff’s leadership team and in the cold heard light of day the Labour caucus can only come to one conclusion and that is that Goff must go along with King.

The ensuing carnage will have massive impact likely to bring Mt Roskill and Rongotai in play this election. Otaki is already lost to Labour, but other seats that are marginal will now become very marginal or lost. Andrew Little is unlikely to win New Plymouth as the tide goes out on Labour and Iain Lees-Galloway is likewise very vulnerable.

Labour face some serious challenges and the mess isn’t over with now that Darren Hughes is gone.