If not them, then who?

The left wing has rather disgustingly politicised the Christchurch earthquake, some in a most foul way. The tenor is shrill, it is nasty and it is almost?entirely?negative. They are almost worse thant the god-botherers who blame lesbians and gays for the Christchurch quake, I say that because at least the god-botherers propose a solution for the supposed cause of the quake. All the left-wing has done is blame, point, and oppose. Not a single one of them has proposed anything remotely resembling a solution to the problems the country now faces.

The Greens Russel Norman suggests a massive tax hike, he did so on the?third?day after the third day after?the?quake. His solution is to sock the 10% of the population who already carry 75% of the tax burden. His solution also ignores basic economics and would result in a worse recession than we are already experiencing even before the economic consequences of the quake are fully know or even felt.

At least Russel Norman, even though he was completely thoughtless with his timing proposed a solution. Witness Phil Goff. In response to journalistic suggestions about how the?earthquake recovery should be funded he tells us:

Labour leader Phil Goff says cuts to students and families would slow the economy.

?The Labour Party is ready to work with the Government, in the spirit of a multi-party approach,? he says.

?But we?re not prepared to see things brought in under the guise of a tragedy and addressing the tragedy, that are ideologically driven.?

Mr Goff says it is important to keep money in the pockets of people who are able to spend it.

Well Mr Goff, if not students who are currently getting free money from the government, then who should make a sacrifice? If not the wealthiest on Working for Families, then who Mr Goff?

If the tax cuts for the “rich” should be rolled back, Mr Goff, then why not your more than $5 billion in promises in just this past two months? Are you prepared to ditch your removal of GST from fresh fruit and vegetables? Are you prepared to ditch your expensive and ill-thought out tax-free $5000 threshold?

If not those people, or those policies Mr Goff then which ones?

The Maori Party too has decided that the burden should be increased on the “wealthy”.

The Maori Party is urging the government to raise taxes on income over $70,000 to help pay for damage in the Christchurch earthquake.

The call was made by co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples today as the Government confirms it is looking at ways to trim government spending, including Working for Families, in the wake of the earthquake.

Mrs Turia said it was time those “those who have, to help those who have not”.

“We are asking the Government to promote generosity by raising taxes for those on incomes over $70,000 to assist the Government to meet the crisis in Christchurch.

THey forget that there are plenty of people in that list who are also in receipt of Working for Families. The pinko lap-bloggers and evil scum like Malcolm Harbrow also think that Working for Families is sacrosanct and must not be touched.

Basically, there’s no way to do this which doesn’t hurt people who National doesn’t want to hurt, either by cutting their income or sticking them in a poverty trap. It can’t be done. If National wants to cut the top-end of WFF, then everyone else gets to be collateral damage to their symbolism. That’s not good policy. And in an election year, its not good politics either. There will be no shortage of people?in Christchurch willing to ask “how does cutting my income / massively increasing my marginal tax rate help me recover from the earthquake”. Its a damn good question. And if National doesn’t have a damn good answer, they deserve every bit of the electoral backlash they’re going to get.

Malcolm Harbrow has been perhaps the worst weasel in politicising this quake, with invective laden posts about who shouldn’t pay but not a single solution as to who should, or how we can pay.

Of course the anonymous, cowardly, paid lap-bloggers at The Stranded also think Working for Families is sacrosanct.

None of these luminaries of the left ahve got a single clue as to how we should or could fix Christchurch, all they have is a list of who shouldn’t pay.

Cactus Kate was right the toher say when she said that disasters like Christchurch is precisely what welfare is for, not the system we have now where it seems that welfare is for everyone, from the cradle to the grave, and it appears that no one should ever pay their way.

I ask these pinko scum who have jumped right in from the very first day in politicising the quake. If not them, then who?

If not the students, who receive free money currently, then who? If not Working for Families can’t be cut, then what can be? If Len’s train set can’t be cut, then what can? If not Labour’s GST policy, then which ones? If not Labours $5 billion in promises, then which ones?

I ask the pinko scum who have trod on the bodies of dead people to score?political?points, Are you going to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

I ask this because if they are going to be part of the problem then they should rightly be run down where tehy stand and treated with the same contempt as a judder bar in a carpark.

This country needs solutions not more problems. The burden must be shared by all. We are broke, and now we are broken. Something has to give so that the people of Christchurch can have their city fixed.

Now is the time to remember those immortal words from John F. Kennedy:

…ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.