Is there a coup on?

There is a narrative building about Phil Goff’s leadership.

From the Dompost:

But one senior source indicated that though Hughes was clear that he had done nothing wrong and the party’s hierarchy were standing by him during the investigation, his future was likely to be reviewed once it was completed.

Another senior source said the issue was a major test for Phil Goff’s leadership, and it was inevitable that he would have to consider Hughes’s future regardless of what the police decided.

“This is an issue that Phil will have to lead on and he’ll have to take those decisions and take them promptly.”

Some Labour figures have said privately that they do not think Hughes can survive the controversy.

RNZ this morning:

Sources within the Labour Party have told Radio New Zealand News there have been previous occasions when his private activities have caused concern and his judgement is now under question.

RNZ yesterday:

QUESTION:? Is this the first time he’s been involved in an incident like this?

PHIL GOFF:? It’s the first time I understand that there’s been any complaint laid against him yes.

Phil Goff is being white-anted. He is helping himself by using obfuscation and weasel words. It is made worse by his failure to hold his own MPs to the same standards he demands of John Key.