It just got a whole lot worse for Goff

Matters just got a whole lot worse for Darren Hughes, Annette King and Phil Goff.

Fresh details have emerged about the early morning incident involving Labour’s Darren Hughes?with an eyewitness saying he saw a naked youngster?near the MP’s home.

Hughes?stood?down from his portfolios yesterday and is?under?police investigation as?detectives piece together the early morning events of March 2.

A university student, who is also a former youth MP,?has lodged a complaint with police which is of a sexual nature.

The boy had been drinking in central Wellington with Hughes and returned to his home.

It has been previously reported that the complainant left the home of Labour deputy leader Annette King, where Hughes is a boarder,?and waved down a police car.

But until now it has been unclear what state the boy was in when he spoke to officers.

Several staff at a central Wellington business have said that a young man was spotted by the company’s owner around 4.30am on March 2 near Moxham Ave and the south end of the Mount Victoria tunnel.

The man was heading to work with a truck load of supplies.

“He was completely naked and was covering his penis with his hand,” the staff member said.

“It looked like he was hitchhiking or waiting for a ride, he didn’t look in a good way.”

The witness saw a police car with its lights flashing coming through the tunnel from the city.

Because police were heading towards the naked teenager the business owner did not stop to give assistance.

Phil Goff has been very economical with what he knew when. There is the missing week in Phil Goff’s timeline and now with this revelation it appears that the situation is a whole lot worse than many on the left have been trying to spin. John Armstrong thinks Goff is gone for all money too. He doesn’t explicitly say it but his article but that is the tone of the article.

David Farrar also looks at the role of the Goffice and whether or not they lied to the media.

Labour’s problems don’t go away this weekend either, Otaki has its AGM this weekend where they were expected to confirm Darren Hughes as the candidate.

The blood is going to start to flow.