Judgment day in NSW

Judgment Day. By sunset, Labor will have suffered such a crushing defeat that it can never rise again in its present form. And good riddance. Gone at long last the touts and urgers, the cheats and liars, the knaves and bullies and developers’ hustlers, the spongers and careerists, the backstabbers and branch stackers, the underpants dancers and shiraz-pickled lunchers and expense account rorters and porn-sniffing web surfers – all that rabble of fools and incompetents who brought this once great party to its knees in NSW.

For a moment I though he was talking about our own Labour party…perhaps there is something in common amongst parties supported by pinkos and unionists.

By all accounts labor in NSW are toast and the defeat will be devastating to Labor not only in NSW but the flow on through to other States and in Federal politics.