Labour has no shame

Yesterday Maryan Street launched an attack on John Key in parliament.

Hon Maryan Street: How many business owners could have been given access to equipment and records that are vital to restarting their businesses, if time and resources had not been diverted to escorting the Prime Minister through the red zone on repeated occasions?

Hon JOHN CARTER: That is such a silly question that I am not sure how to answer it, other than to say the controller gives priority to the appropriate people to enter the red zone when necessary.

Hon Maryan Street: Then how does the Government explain its priorities to the people of Christchurch and the business owners of Christchurch, when repeated access for the Prime Minister appears to be taking precedence over access for business owners and central business district residents?

Hon JOHN CARTER: The controller is very aware of the needs of all the business people and business owners and is doing an outstanding job, as far as I am concerned.

The video shows how calculated this attack was.

Maryan Street, Phil Goff and Labour though forget that there are people watching what they do and how they comport themselves.

Here is a photo of Phil Goff and Helen Clark, both taking up the valuable time of rescue workers in?the?red zone just days after the quake.

Helen Clark and Phil Goff are disaster tourists

In fact Labour has a whole gallery of photos taken inside the red zone. In order for those photos to have been taken would?have?required a tour of the zone and the tying up of resources. At least John Key has the ability to make some things happen, it?appears?that Phil Goff was just taking some snaps for his?disaster?tourism album.

Then there is this video of Helen Clark the ultimate disaster tourist talking about her “tour” of the city. A tour that like Labour says would have tied up valuable resources. All filmed inside teh Red Zone and who was there holding Helen’s hand…Phil Goff.

To top off all that, I have spoken to journalists who were in Christchurch in the aftermath and the one thing they remember clearly was Phil Goff hanging around like a bad smell in the media areas near the red zone.

If Labour want to play politics in a very nasty way with the earthquake then they must weather?the?storm that we will bring down upon them for their crass behaviour.