Let's get down to tin tacks

It is time for a “Come to Jesus” discussion about Labour and it’s current leadership.

Forget Darren Hughes, he is a political corpse and now he is starting to stink up the joint. Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics state: Never Hug a Corpse – it just makes you smell dead too.

However Phil Goff has said that the Labour leadership team has known about?this issue?for two weeks.

When you boil it down the whole issue can be summed up in just one sentence.

The Chief Whip of Labour, Darren Hughes, has been accused of allegations of a very serious nature and is being investigated by Police, further those allegations arose from an incident in, the Deputy leader of the Labour Party, Annette King’s house and the Leader of the Labour Party, Phil Goff, has tried to keep it hidden for two weeks.

It simply isn’t good enough that Phil Goff has now belatedly stood Hughes down from his portfolios. It is too little too late. No wonder Phil is now desperately trying to head of the challenge that is now out in the open and running against him.

My Labour sources tell me that David Parker is mounting the challenge, backed by Maryan Street and Ruth Dyson with the tacit approval of?the?New York office. Parker is a good choice and one of the few heterosexual males that Clark genuinely liked. He is a respected man, with a business background, and in stark contrast to the current debacle had the integrity to resign but was reinstated when found not guilty.

The best part of all this for Parker is that the coming election loss can all be blamed on Annette King and Phil Goff.?He is also not so closely associated with the previous regime that he can make a clean break and forge a new policy platform that can attack Nationals weak-points and blind spots.