Matt McCarten Channels the Whale

One of the really effective campaigners on the left agrees?with this blog and what Labour should be doing. A half?decent operator would have the National Party’s collective?goolies in the mangle and winding up the pressure. New?Zealand’s economy is rooted, and the men in charge, Bill?English and John Key have not been put under any pressure.

If Labour was doing an effective job, Key and his ministers?would be under pressure to explain why we borrow billions to?cover up the fact there is no economic plan. They would?rather put the boot into the 350,000 Kiwis on benefits who?are expected to compete for the 20,000 mostly minimal-waged?jobs on offer.

Any fool can see it’s not the people on benefits who are to?blame but this useless Government, which hasn’t got a single?decent idea on creating employment.

It really beggars belief that Phil Goff and his staff have?been so inept they haven’t managed to hang the lack of job?creation on National. National are like a house of cards,?kept up in the polls due to the popularity of the leader,?not the competence of the administration.

If Labour want to win back power they need a new leader, a?president who is full time and fills the coffers for the?campaign, and someone like Matt or Conor Roberts running the?campaign.