Mixed messages on Drinking

From Stuff:

The incident is alleged to have happened on March 2 after a university debate the previous evening as part of Orientation Week, at which Mr Hughes was a guest speaker. He, the complainant and several other people then went to several bars including Wellington’s Matterhorn bar and The Establishment before Mr Hughes and the complainant ended up at Ms King’s house.

What is a senior politician doing getting pissed with 18 year olds anyway? Great example to the youth of today.

Particularly?when that same?politician?likes to open his gob on youth drinking with alarming frequency.

Darren Hughes –Sick Of Joyce’s ‘Pious Claptrap’

Labour Transport spokesperson Darren Hughes says he is sick of Transport Minister Steven Joyce’s pious claptrap about introducing tougher penalties for drink drivers when National is still happy to let people get drunk before they make up their minds whether they can drive safely or not.

“Steven Joyce, commenting today on the case of a man jailed for four years for killing a woman while driving drunk and disqualified, trotted out the same old excuses for failing to take decisive action,” Darren Hughes said.

“He says what he always says — that tougher penalties are about to be introduced — but he misses the point completely.

“What he doesn’t say is that if the blood alcohol limit isn’t reduced from 0.08g of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 0.05g, then some people will always be too drunk to make a rational decision before getting behind the steering wheel.”

He goes on:

“Sadly, far too often, drunks don’t think.”

Yes, turns out to be true when attempting to score as well. But Darren Hughes doesn’t stop there either:

“We have an opportunity to work together in many ways to create a safer and more responsible drinking environment, but National still wants to play politics. That’s a real shame.”

Hmmm who is looking “pious” now. Not sure a 32 year old former minister and senior MP leering it up with 18 year old till the early hours of the morning is what I would describe as “a safer and more responsible drinking environment” especially when the results of that “safer and more responsible drinking environment” are a Police investigation. But still Darren went on:

“The tragedy is that if they put aside party politics and personalities they could prevent the needless deaths and injuries of many Kiwis.”

And maybe it would help stop Police complaints too?

Phil Goff has been offering up advice in this area as well:

The Labour Party leader wonders if making it unlawful for adults to give alcohol to young people without their parents? consent will actually have the desired effect.

Well I guess that depends on whether or not the desired effect is picking up 18 year olds and attempting to bed them or not.

I wonder when Phil Goff will actually show some real leadership on this instead of attempting to sweep everything under the carpet?