National party selections – Rimutaka

As is now expected from selections in the Lower North Island?there is no skulduggery going on, which makes this blog?question the National Party in Auckland.

Going back to normal practice, this blog will not be?endorsing any candidate as the delegates can be relied on to?select the right person for the seat and to beat Chris?Hipkins who?is very vulnerable. Why Andrew Little did not run in Rimutaka in 2008 is incomprehensible, and probably shows he?does not have the ruthlessness to make it to Labour Leader.

This will be compounded by his failure to fundraise leaving?Labour broke in the run up to the election.

The candidates seeking selection are Alastair Scott and?Jonathan Fletcher. Alastair did not end up?challenging?sitting MP John Hayes in Wairarapa.

Jonathan Fletcher

Very personable, capable guy who will do well on the?campaign trail if selected.


  • Very good with people
  • Understands social media
  • Good public speaker


  • A little young and?hasn’t?build a strong career yet
  • Maybe not the profile in the electorate that could help?win it

Alastair Scott

Proven track record internationally in finance, working in?NZ, UK and Japan. Owns a massive winery north of Masterton.


  • very successful overseas in a very tough market
  • could help National’s financial team if he makes it into?caucus


  • Not the most natural at pressing the flesh
  • Not the strongest public speaker
  • Not the most connected person to the Rimutaka electorate
  • Made a poor decision to talk up challenging a sitting MP?rather than ambushing him at the last minute

Anyone from National has a good chance of winning just based?on the current poll numbers. This was a seat with a margin?of 753 in 2008, and the campaign for National was messed up?by an interfering, unpleasant harridan of a regional chair?who could well have cost National the seat. Hopefully she?will be in purgatory rather than on the campaign team in?2011.

As always candidates are welcome to send materials through?which will be published unedited. Delegates or interested?parties should email tipline[at] with?information.