National's Candidate selections

A few days back blogmobile colleague and polling expert?David Farrar posted a list of candidates for the general?election.

Disappointingly, although an election has a relatively well?known date of the end of 2011 National has not managed to?get many candidates selected. In theory this should have?been easy as with 58 MPs there are very few seats without?MPs, but unlike Labour who had most of their candidates?selected last year.

This is not good enough from National. Unfortunately it is?typical of a party that makes poor decisions through lack of?foresight. National has better policies than its opponents?often ends up losing to the better organised Labour Party.

Two positions in National come with the duty of getting?candidates selected early. The president and the campaign?manager. Apparently National were “too busy governing” to?worry about selections until 2011 but this is a silly?excuse. The National Party have no role in governing as they?run the party, not the country. The campaign manager has no?role in governing either, and should have been complaining?about not being able to run a proper campaign without?candidates in marginal seats running good campaigns to lift?the party vote.

What National has now, and it is very apparent in?the?Northern Region, is a log jam of selections, and a whole lot of badgering and cajoling going on behind the scenes. It?needn’t?have been this way, it’s not like elections are a surprise.