Poor Taste Minger

Carolyne Meng-Yee aka The Minger is really a nasty piece of work.

The former Television New Zealand staffer secured the first interview with the Elliotts about their daughter’s murder, which ran on the?Herald on Sunday’s front page on January 27, 2008.

But Meng-Yee’s decision to dress as Sophie for a party last week hosted by New Zealand Herald deputy editor Shayne Currie has shocked the Elliotts.

Guests were told to dress as someone or something beginning with the letter S.

Meng-Yee had fake blood on her arms and Sophie’s name tagged to her top, which had a photograph of Sophie’s killer and ex-boyfriend, Clayton Weatherston, 35, pinned to it.

How despicable. The Minger was the repeater who closely followed the case and ran front-page stories at the HoS about Sophie Elliot and was the first repeater to have a story with the family. Now she has repaid that by spitting on their child’s grave.

I hope TVNZ where she is rumoured to be going are pleased with their new staffer.