Random Impertinent Questions

While Trevor Mallard is flat on his back in hospital consuming tax payers resources in hospital he may have time to answer this – Why on the 4th March did he ask 445 Parliamentary Questions about the NZ Artificial Limb Board?

If we assume that it costs $500 to answer each one, why was it necessary to spend $220,000 of taxpayers money asking the questions and was it worth it? ?Maybe if they chop his broken leg off he might like to see what a great job these guys actually do.

What was Shane Jones doing at David Henderson’s (AKL) party at the Princes Wharf penthouse?

Will Judith Tizard finally make it back as an MP?

What are the electoral laws surrounding list MP replacement anyway?

How would this affect iPredict stocks on Judith Tizard?

Why would the Labour research unit be spending an awful amount of time talking to people in Samoa?

Are they mad? I mean seriously, do they know who they are playing with?