Some replacements for Terry

It is very doubtful that Terry Poo-piss will make it back to the The Apprentice.

Fortunately though there are a couple of contenders for the spot from the papers this weekend.

First up is Don Ha, who reckons the bank got it wrong after putting his real estate business into?receivership.

A multimillionaire real estate “king” says the bank that put him into receivership did not have a true understanding of his position.

Don Ha’s fortune was estimated at $60 million by?National Business Review in 2007, but receivers have taken over properties and assets belonging to Don Ha Real Estate.

“Without going into too many details, it came to my attention recently that some of the management controls and reporting systems employed by Don Ha Real Estate Ltd weren’t what they should have been,” he said in a website statement.

“I am confident that the bank which put me into receivership doesn’t have a true understanding of my position.

“I wish they had communicated with me more before taking their action because this could have been avoided.”

Mr Ha is an idiot using that defense. When you stop paying bills, and stop talking to the bank the logical consequence is they send in the receivers. To make matters worse he has just admitted that the bank doesn’t have a “true” understanding of the position of the company. What that means to the bank and to receivers is that Mr Ha is a liar.

Before receivers are put in demand is made, giving notice of pending action. Don Ha has known this was going to happen for a couple of weeks at least.

From the NBR we have a other prospect for Terry’s job at The Apprentice. It is subscriber content so here is an extract.

Former Dragon?s Den star Paul Webb is playing down an Inland Revenue raid on his Westpark Marina office yesterday saying the visit was part of an ongoing audit of his property companies.

Sources told NBR that eight Inland Revenue staff turned up at the recreational boat marina in Hobsonville and ordered staff to “step back away from their computers.?

Mr Webb said he was in Australia this week and had no comment to make on the Inland Revenue action.

?We are working on an audit with IRD that?s been going on for a long time,? he told NBR.

?I wouldn?t consider it as a raid. I don?t believe that any computers are gone and as to the detail I?ve got no comment.

?Our taxes are all up to date.?

Webb is a real smart arse. If you look into the companies office he is connected? to Julie Christie and has a fine young man called Brent Todd running? his Aussie dredging company. Plus he is using the same defense as Tezza regarding taxes.

I’m still waiting for Terry’s lawyers to serve me. Looks like that promise was as good as the ones he has made to IRD.