Sunday Shooters – Savage 93R17GLV

I?have?been wanting a .17HMR rifle for some time and have been looking around and canvassing opinion.

I also have one preference now I am a bit older and more fussy and don’t like sharing. I wanted a left-hand rifle.

After much discussion, some helpful, most not, I decided to listen to “Zee” and the good folk at Hamills Manukau and get a Savage 93R17GLV. Basic specs are:

  • Left Hand Rimfire Rifle
  • 17 HMR
  • 21″ Heavy Barrel
  • Bolt Action
  • Walnut Stock
  • Blue Finish
  • Accutrigger
  • 5 Rds

On top of this I got the fellas at Gunworks Canterbury to add a suppressor package to it. They did a fantastic job on the barrel including creating, in the unlikely event I will dispense with the suppressor, a nice cap to go on the thread and also created a nice target crown to the end of the barrel.

The can adds a bit of weight but it isn’t noticeable on the end of the heavy barrel.

I also added a Remington Bi-pod and a Tasco World Series 4-16c 40mm Scope with a Vital Zone Reticle.

This is the end result.

Whaleoil's 17HMR Savage

The rifle has an AccuTrigger. I haven’t used one of these before but after spending the afternoon sighting it in I must say I am now a fan.

The AccuTrigger gives the shooter the flexibility to set the trigger pull to individual preference without have to pay a gunsmith to adjust it. Also, even when adjusted to its lowest setting, the AccuTrigger is completely safe and cannot accidentally discharge during normal use from being jarred or dropped when maintained and adjusted as intended. A newly designed teardrop safety is an additional feature on rifles with the AccuTrigger. It provides for better acquisition of the safety button and operates smoother and quieter. Enhanced accuracy is another benefit of the Savage AccuTrigger, is the crisp, clean light trigger pull allows the shooter to maximize the accuracy potential of the rifle.

Yes, I like the AccuTrigger. The break after the AccuTrigger is depressed is crisp with no discernable jerk. Having gotten used to the apalling trigger on my old Ruger 10/22, this trigger is pure pleasure.

Sighting in was straight forward and right out of the box the groups were acceptable at 100m. The more I shot the better it got. I was running the rod through after each shot at the start but eventually I put 20 shots through uncleaned.

I was still getting used to the sight picture and the AccuTrigger when I posted this little group at 100m (left).

The rifle was tight to start with but as more sots went through items like the bolt travel, mag release and magazine load got easier.

I found one little annoyance, but that may be me, and that was the last round in?the?mag seemed to hang on?the?load as the bolt travelled forward. I will fire a few more rounds though before saying that it is a problem.

All in all though I am very impressed with the accuracy of this rifle out of the box, and i haven’t even started playing with the trigger yet and certainly haven’t yet mastered all the foibles of the scope and rifle at various distances.

With a rifle that is capable of hitting rabbit sized targets out past 200m it will pay to have a decent rangefinder though and also to practice shoots at that range so I can better judge the required reticle alignment.

The suppressor cuts out the sound of the rifle discharging but because the 17g and 20g bullets still travel at super-sonic speeds there is still a noticeable crack.

Very happy with the first outing though and I will pop in and tell “Zee” and folk at Hamills all about it. If you want good friendly expert advice without the poor attitude of some in the industry the Hamills in Manukau is the?place?to go. There is no snobbery nor is there the chain-store attitude of some other outlets. basically they are bloody good blokes…and Zee’s missus a good bloke too!