Take that Qantas

Remember Qantas and Jetstar and their appalling behaviour in?the?wake of the earthquake in Christchurch. I labelled them NOT Mates.

The incompetent fools that run Jetstar are now?cutting back on flights to Christchurch, claiming the earthquake has cost them A$15 million!

Quite how they have managed this, when the armies of insurance assessors, humanitarian workers, displaced people and government officials are struggling to get on to the Air NZ flights is hard to comprehend. The Whale warned them of their major blunders in regard to Christchurch.

Clearly the earlier plea of The Whale was not heeded and they have managed to destroy their brand. A loss this big means executive job losses, heads are going to roll.

I have previously given strategic advice on this issue for free and I am willing to take on the task, with access to his team of elite marketing experts. They use techniques that have not been available to the current team. These amazing, cutting edge marketing strategies of “a bit of commonsense” and “being good to your community, wins over the customers and builds the brand” are highly complicated obviously so the fee will be high.

A great business case study for an aspiring MBA here.