Tell us the truth Phil

Phil Goff just doesn’t seem to know when to stop digging. This morning in the Herald it reports:

Labour leader Phil Goff told Darren Hughes he would be stripped of his portfolios regardless of the outcome of a police investigation as soon as he became aware of the complaint against Mr Hughes.

Mr Goff yesterday faced further questions about his handling of the affair and decision to keep it a secret for more than two weeks. Mr Hughes resigned on Friday – two days after a complaint against him by an 18-year-old male became public.

Mr Goff denied there was any attempt to protect Mr Hughes by keeping it secret, saying as soon as he was told of the nature of the complaint “I made it clear to Darren that I thought given the circumstances there had been a lapse of judgment and that would result in his losing his positions.”

Very curious. If you accept Goff’s first timeframe, that he knew two weeks before it became public, then this statement today must be a lie because on 23 March just two days after the scandal broke Phil Goff was saying:

“He is asserting very clearly that he is doing nothing, he believes, that is wrong. I accept his word for that… he’s well regarded as a friend and colleague.”
Goff said Hughes retained his roles as senior whip and education spokesman, but someone would be appointed to act in those positions if he remained on leave for more than a week

The two statements simply cannot exist together. It of course is made worse by the fact that just 24 hours later Phil Goff firstly stood down Darren Hughes from his portfolio responsibilities, in the morning, then accepted his resignation, before not accepting it, that afternoon. Scoop’s own sources say that Hughes resigned even earlier but Phil Goff wouldn’t accept it.

Phil Goff is lying about the timeframes, lying about discussions held with Darren Hughes and lying about his own involvement in the attempted cover-up of the whole scandal. We know this because he hasn’t held a single position on any issue associated with scandal for longer than a day, and in some, like when he knew, he has held at least three positions. Once someone is telling fibs then everything they say is suspect.

Phil Goff needs to come clean and tell us which of the many, many, stories are true, if any.