The missing week?

Right from the get go on?the?Darren Hughes affair something hasn’t smelled right.

Let’s get some facts on?the?table as this week has unfolded.

On 1 March 2011 there was a debate at Victoria University (Tuesday Night).
In the early hours of?the?morning of 2 March, an 18 year old male woke up in the residence of Darren Hughes and Annette King after a hard night on the town and has found out that all was not as it seemed – according to the media he bolts and runs into the Police.

It is highly likely that the Police acted immediately, given the nature of the complaint, and if they didn’t visit the residence of Annette King and Darren Hughes that night they almost certainly would have in the next 48 hours.

It is unlikely that the lad concerned sat on this for a week before calling the police – the media report that the Police were involved almost immediately.

This then raises some very impertinent questions, that need answers:

  • What date was Annette King’s house searched?
  • Surely Annette King and/or Darren Hughes would have informed Phil Goff immediately of this?
  • What date were the police advised of the issued and commenced their investigation?
  • Where is the missing week in Phil Goff’s timeline?

The story broke on 22 March 2011.?A full three weeks after the alleged indecent assault.

Phil Goff says that his leadership team, one must presume that the leadership team includes the Chief Whip and the Deputy Leader, knew about this and said nothing for two weeks. Two weeks back from when this broke is the 8th of March. That’s a full seven days after he incident happened. There is a missing week in Phil Goff’s timeline.

It is almost certain that Phil Goff would have found out much earlier than two weeks ago – It is absolutely certain that both Annette King and Darren Hughes, members of the leadership team, knew about the incident 3 weeks ago.

I think Phil Goff is being economical with the truth. There is a missing week in his explanations.

This just makes Phil Goff’s handling of the affair even worse. First his office denied any involvement of a Labour MP, hardly believable because a leadership team would clearly involve the press secretary. Then they tried to say they knew nothing about it, then they started working the gallery, finally Goff fronted after Darren Hughes named himself and brought up the two weeks timeframe after questioning from the media. From beginning to end Phil Goff and his leadership team have attempted to sweep this all under?the?carpet and in doing so they have exposed themselves to charges of attempting a cover-up.

The missing week is damning, it clearly shows that Labour have been trying for much longer to hide this, hoping, indeed praying that it would all go away.