The poor wee mite

At 19:30 Mrs Whale and I went out for our usual 10km walk. Tonight was a little different though.

As we walked down the road we heard the patter of small feet behind us and noticed a small boy…no idea of his age but probably between 5-7 years old. He was running towards us and clearly in a ?distressed state.

When he got to us he stopped and stared up. He obviously was in need of help.

He didn’t say much and what he did say didn’t much make sense. It wasn’t until I mentioned a child’s name at his school did he start to open up a bit. We stopped and tried to work out who he was, where he was supposed to be and what we could do to help. His school bag was soaking wet, the “reader” inside was soaked, he hadn’t eaten his lunch except for a packet of chips.

He said he lived somewhere around here, but didn’t know where, he said he didn’t know his last name, or his telephone number but he did say that he walked to school and home again. We asked him if he would come with us to the dairy up the road so we could use a phone to try an get some help. He agreed and fair clutched my hand as we crossed the road.

The dairy owner was very helpful, and after several questions we worked out his name…we think..because there was no listing in the phone book. I then rang the mother of the child who he said was in his class. I know her well and her son. She knew who the boy was but had no contact details but did give me the school teachers name and details.

At this point two constables from Howick Police happened to drop in to get some refreshments and so we spent 15 minutes briefing them about the situation. Then a lady walked into the shop and she told the Police that she knew where he lived. The woman police officer by this time had the boy int eh back seat of the Police car, while we were giving a statement. i spoke with her and she told me that there was no “job” in the system for a missing child.

Remember this was some 4 and half hours after school was supposed to finish and dark. The police took him off and I don’t know what has happened since.