Three Different Positions on the future of Darren Hughes

Phil Goff has proved he can’t hold a position for even a complete sentence. Duncan Garner was right when he said Phil Goff has more positions than a King’s Cross hooker.

Have a look at this regarding Phil Goff’s assertions that he told Darren Hughes that his position was untenable right from the get go.

“Labour leader Phil Goff told Darren Hughes he would be stripped of his portfolios regardless of the outcome of a police investigation as soon as he became aware of the complaint against Mr Hughes.”

This was in direct contradiction with this statement at the outset of the the furore on the 23 March.

“Mr Hughes was not sent on leave immediately because Mr Goff said he did not believe the complaint was relevant to Mr Hughes’ ability to do his job as an MP.”

And in contradiction with this, just a day later:

“Mr Goff said he stood by his original decision not to stand Mr Hughes down as soon as he was told of the complaint against him two weeks ago.”

Original decision? Wait a minute didn’t Goff say his original decision was to tell Darren Hughes he would bestripped of his portfolios…or was his original decision “not to stand Mr Hughes down”.

Oh my head hurts with all the spinning. These are clear contradiction. You don’t even need to read the subtext for that one. Blatant lies on the part of Phil Goff.

Phil Goff says it is all a media beatup