Time for Goff to go

Labour's neck-tieThe Darren Hughes saga has shown Phil Goff to be a?hypocrite. There is no doubt about this, he has had to?apologise for double standards.

Being proven to be a hypocrite is one of the worst things?that can happen to a politician. It means the public start?doubting everything you say, and start wondering if you can?be trusted. Politics is based on trust and Goff has betrayed?the public and lost any trust they had in him.

If Labour are serious about winning the next election they?need a new leader. Goff’s numbers have been static for over?two years, and his message is never going to be well?received because no one knows what it really is.

As the Liberals showed in Australia, changing leaders and?changing approaches can change the political environment. A?new Labour leader would be able to make a clean break from?Helen Clark?s evil empire, and forge a new path for?Labour.

They could win back a lot of votes quickly by introducing a?new set of policies that address major issues for New?Zealanders, rather than following Goff?s half-witted policy?prescription doing stuff that too few people care about.

A new leader could move Labour to the centre, empathising?with middle New Zealand who have been struggling, asking the?question ?are you better off now than you were under Labour??

They could run with a series of simple messages attacking?National directly, rather than in the oblique way Labour?has. As this blog has suggested billboards that would frame?a campaign that would scare National silly.

Addressing New Zealanders real concerns, jobs, a fair tax?system and better education would let the new leader set up?Labour to put National under massive pressure. This easily?could change the polls, polls that have been very?unfavourable for Goff for 2 ? years.

MMP means that Labour could end up in government with 35% of?the vote even if National get 46%, if National doesn?t?have ACT to prop it up. These numbers are realistic, if?Labour has a proper leader rather than one that can’t connect?with the public and has unbelievably confusing messages.

MMP was set up to favour the left and keep the left in?power. The looney left in the form of the greens are a?permanent vote for Labour, and the Maori Party will go with?who ever gives their people the best deal. The problem for?Labour is taking 5% off National, and Goff is not the man to?do it and hasn’t looked like doing it for some considerable time.