Txts from New York

There is talk in Labour of ignoring their published list and side-stepping the intent of our electoral law in replacing disgraced MP Darren Hughes.?They are doing this to avoid the Tizard Bomb but in doing so will play right into the ands of Anti-MMP campaigners by doing much worse than the Greens did when parachuting in Russel Norman.

What this really shows in Andrew Little’s attempt to spike not only Judith Tizard but 5 other equally useless MPs in order to?anoint?Louisa Wall is a shameless power grab by the union factions who were sidelined under Helen Clark who assiduously favoured personality and lifestyle factions rather than class factions. With the coup on and Andrew Little yet again on the outside of parliament unable to achieve his goal all he can do is build his numbers for after?the?2014 loss.

The txts are flying:

Txts from New york

Txts from New york