Webb’s Auctions – NOT Mates

The man who donated a Don Binney painting for sale to raise funds for Christchurch earthquake relief is disappointed the auction house took a $16,200 commission from the sale.

Dick Scott’s Kotare over the Ratana Church, Te Kao, which he had owned since 1964, sold for a record-breaking $270,000 at Webb’s auction house in Auckland on Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Renee Tanner confirmed Webb’s had taken a commission from the sale but would not reveal how much it was.

However, Mr Scott said it took 6 per cent, or $16,200, instead of its usual 10 per cent commission.

“I was disappointed they didn’t even go halfway. I thought it was a bit of a poor show, but there you are.”

He had hoped to raise $250,000 for the Christchurch appeal after costs and, although he hadn’t done the maths yet, hoped to still be close despite the auction fee.

Webb’s auction house aren’t doing their bit for Christchurch, instead they are profiteering. The are NOT Mates. They can join Qantas and Jetstar as businesses that should be blackballed.

Dick Scott meanwhile is a true mate of Christchurch. Good onya mate.

UPDATE: The DominionPost withdrew the original post rather than correct their error.?Webb’s and the owner of the?painting?passed through 100% of the hammer?price – $270,000,?Beyond this Webb’s have raised a further $65,000.