Wednesday Weapons – I want it!

There is an Abbot FV433 for sale on Trademe at the moment. Just what the Whale needs. From Wikipedia:

FV433 Field Artillery, Self-Propelled “Abbot” is the?self-propelled artillery variant of the?British Army?FV430 series of?armoured fighting vehicles. Using much of the?chassis of the FV430 but with a fully rotating?turret at the rear housing the 105?mm gun and given the vehicle designation of FV433.

Its correct designation was “Gun Equipment 105mm L109 (Abbot)”. L109 was little used, probably to avoid confusion with 155?mm?M109 that entered UK service at about the same time. FV433 used a different configuration of power pack to other vehicles in the FV430 series.

This would be awesome for a campaign vehicle or just sitting in?the?backyard, even better is I have my WTR licence.

Abbot FV433