Why doesn't National have a decent spin weasel?

Some farming program on the radio asked “Brown Envelope” Carter about what the spending cuts meant to the farming industry. As minister of agriculture Carter gave some weasely excuse about not sacrificing government spending on farmers. This is just typical of the farming sector, New Zealand’s biggest bludgers, always with their hands out for more.

I really wonder about why a centre-right government doesn?t have a decent line about cutting government spending to grow the economy. This is a simple argument to make, and any spin weasel worth their salt would have followed the Tea Party and the United States mid-terms last year and had endless arguments about getting the government out of the economy to help the economy grow.

Instead we have ministers defending their departments, and not saying outright to business people, ?if we cut government spending it means your business and New Zealand will grow faster than it would with the dead weight of massive government spending?.

John Key should ring DoC to see if they cant get him a few?DoC 200?s so he can weed out his current spin weasels and replace them with some that can look more than 48 hours ahead and teach ministers how to sell spending cuts as a good thing.