Will Judith Tizard be back in parliament soon?

Looks like serious trouble brewing in Labour today.

From Stuff:?Labour in crisis talks over allegations against MP – sources

From NZ Herald:?Labour stays silent on MP allegations

From what I understand about this story there is likely to be a resignation unless Labour goes all Philip Field again. My good Labour sources tell me that?Annette?King is advising to tough it out. I hope Labour and the MP concerned does that, it will mean weeks of headlines.

If a Labour Mp was going to get snapped for indiscriminate rooting I would have picked The Mangrove, but since the victim here is apparently a bloke it can’t be him. Unless he has turned.

Meanwhile iPredict stocks for Judith Tizard to return to?parliament?have sky-rocketed, suggesting it is a Labour list MP in trouble.

Labour better hope their secret deal with Judith Tizard NOT to return holds tight, but then again the next 5 on the list are a bunch of useless twats too.

For now I better go looking through Youtube for some old Tina Turner songs.